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Types of Magazine Articles

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  • Academic
    These articles are designed to educate readers on complex or specialized topics.

    They may appear in niche or industry-specific magazines.
  • Advertorial / Native Advertising
    Advertorials are advertisement pieces in the form of editorial content.

    See also: Sponsored Content

    N.B. The Federal Trade Commission in the US requires publishers to clearly identify paid or advertorial content.
    Other jurisdictions have similar rules.
  • Alarmer-exposé
    As the name implies, the alarmer-exposé digs deep on a relevant topic to both raise alarm and call readers to action.

    The articles coming out subsequent to the leak of the Panama Papers fit this category.
  • Bubblegum
    Bubblegum is a term used for light, entertaining, and fluffy content that is easy to digest and primarily serves as a form of entertainment or diversion.

    These pieces are typically light-hearted and may not delve into serious topics or issues.

    Instead, they aim to amuse, entertain, or provide a brief escape from more serious news or content. Also used to refer to content written for a younger audience.
  • Buyer's Guide
    These articles provide detailed information about a specific product category, such as smartphones, laptops, or kitchen appliances, and offer insights into the top options available in the market.

    They typically include product reviews, comparisons, and key features to help readers make informed choices.
  • Charticle
    Charticles are articles that combine textual information with visual elements like charts, graphs, and infographics to convey information in a concise and visually engaging manner.

    These articles are highly effective for presenting data-driven or statistical information in a format that's easy to understand.
  • Cheat Sheet
    Cheat sheet articles offer a concise, quick-reference document or article that provides readers with essential information, tips, or key points on a specific topic.

    Video game walk-through articles follow this format.
  • Comments and Feedback (Customer Response)
    Reader feedback is a common feature in many magazines.

    Reader letters (and emails) can be published with or without replies from editorial staff.
  • Comparisons / Versus Articles
    Atkins verses keto, MagCast verses Joomag, Sean Connery verses Roger Moore, comparison articles, also known as verses articles, are just that.
  • Editorial
    Editorial pieces, also known as editorials, are a specific type of magazine article that expresses the opinions, viewpoints, or stances of the publication's editorial board or editor-in-chief. These articles serve as the official voice of the publication and are distinct from other types of articles.
  • Feature
    Feature articles are longer, in-depth pieces that cover a particular topic or story. They often include interviews, research, and analysis. Feature articles are the main attractions in many magazines.
  • Fiction
    Many magazines not devoted to fiction do include fiction, both standalone short fiction, as well as serialized fiction (ongoing stories that play out over multiple issues).
  • Gossip
    Gossip articles, also known as celebrity gossip or tabloid articles, are a type of journalism or entertainment content that focuses on rumors, personal lives, and often sensational or controversial aspects of celebrities, public figures, or individuals in the spotlight.
  • Historical
    These articles delve into historical events, figures, or periods, offering insights and analysis.
  • How-To
    These articles provide step-by-step instructions on how to do something.

    They're informative and often include visuals or diagrams to aid understanding.
  • Human Interest
    These articles focus on compelling and emotional stories about people's lives, experiences, challenges, or triumphs.
  • Humor or Satire
    These articles are meant to entertain and amuse readers.

    They often use humor, wit, and satire to comment on current events or trends.
  • Interview
    These articles are based on conversations with individuals of interest.

    They often include Q&A-style formats or edited transcripts of the interview.
  • Investigative
    Investigative articles involve in-depth research and reporting to uncover hidden truths or expose wrongdoing.

    They often require extensive time and resources.
  • Listicle
  • Native Advertising
  • News
    These articles provide current information on recent events or developments.

    They're concise and focus on delivering the facts in a clear and objective manner.
  • Op-ed & Opinion
    These articles express the author's viewpoint on a particular issue.

    They're typically persuasive and may include arguments and analysis.

    "Op-ed" originally referred the page opposite the editorial page in a newspaper, but has come to refer to any opinion piece written by an author not associated with the publication’s editorial staff.
  • Personal Essay
    Personal essays explore themes and ideas that resonate on a human level through the author’s own personal experiences.
  • Photo Essay
    Photo essays use images to tell a story or convey a message.

    They're often accompanied by captions or brief descriptions.
  • Profile
    Profile articles are about individuals, typically notable figures or personalities.

    They delve into their lives, achievements, and contributions.
  • Research Short
    Research shorts are a brief summary or condensed version of a larger research study or project.

    They aim to provide an overview of the key findings, methodology, and significance of the research in a concise format.
  • Reviews
    Review articles evaluate products, services, books, movies, theater performances, restaurants, etc.

    They provide opinions and recommendations based on the reviewer's experience.
  • Round-up / Listicle
    These articles compile a list of items, such as "Top 10 Tips for Healthy Living" or "15 Must-Visit Restaurants in a Los Angeles."
  • Satire
  • Service Piece
    A service piece strives to answer a specific question, solve a particular problem, achieve a specific goal. "How to Design a Two-Page Spread that Sells," is an example of a service piece. Recipe articles are common service pieces.
  • Sponsored Content
    Unlike advertorials and native advertising, where creative is provided to the publication, sponsored content is created by magazine staff without undo influence by the sponsor.
  • Travel
    Travel pieces explore destinations, providing information about attractions, culture, and experiences.

    They often include personal anecdotes and recommendations.
  • Versus Article
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Curious about magazine publishing?
Free workshops every Wednesday!
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